How To Decorate A Coffee Table Tray

How To Decorate A Coffee Table Tray

Decorating a coffee table tray can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. For example, if you are using a tray that is meant for displaying items such as photo frame ornaments, then you will likely want to use a light and airy decor theme. Decorate A Coffee Table Tray.

1. Spring Coffee Table Tray

Spring Coffee Table Tray

Introducing the Spring Coffee Table Tray! This unique and stylish tray is perfect for adding a pop of color to any living space. The tray is made from sturdy wood and features a beautiful natural finish. The tray also has a comfortable non-skid bottom surface, making it perfect for use in any room. Whether you’re looking for a little extra storage or want to add some style to your home, the Spring Coffee Table Tray is perfect for you!

2. Gothic Style Coffee Table Tray

Gothic Style Coffee Table Tray

A gothic-style coffee table tray is the perfect addition to your gothic living room. It will give a unique atmosphere and will make your interior look more sophisticated. The tray is made of high-quality materials and it looks amazing. You can choose different designs and colors to make your coffee table look unique.

3. Coffee Kettle And Cup

Coffee Kettle And Cup

Adding a personal touch to your coffee table is simple with a few small decorations. A coffee kettle and cup can be placed on the tray, filling the table with a warm and welcoming aroma. Alternatively, place fresh flowers in water and place them in a vase or glass jar to create an instant centerpiece. If you prefer to keep things simple, using basic materials like wood or glass makes for an elegant look that can be updated as your tastes change.

4. Decor Coffee Table Tray With Fruits

Decor Coffee Table Tray With Fruits

If you are looking for a way to decorate your coffee table with some fresh fruit, then you should consider using a tray like this one! Placing all of the fruit on the tray will add a nice pop of color and flavor to your living room or bedroom. Plus, it’s a great way to get kids to eat their vegetables! See More

5. Square Coffee Table Tray

Square Coffee Table Tray

When it comes to decorating your home, there’s no need to sacrifice style for function. A square coffee table tray can help you achieve both looks and practicality. Let’s explore some ideas to get you started. 

Start by picking a design that will work well with the rest of your home décor. You can go for something traditional or modern, depending on your personality and preferences. If you’re aiming for a more rustic look, try opting for a distressed wood tray instead of a polished one. If you’re feeling extra inspired, take a look at some of our favorite coffee table designs featured on Apartment Therapy. 

Once you’ve selected an inspiration, start stocking your coffee table with accessories!

6. Coffee Table Tray With Modern Style

Coffee Table Tray With Modern Style

Adding a touch of modern style to your coffee table can be as easy as adding a tray. A tray provides an extra surface for drinks, magazines, or books, and can help to organize your coffee table. Whether you choose a traditional or contemporary design, there are many options available on the market today.

7. Centrepiece Coffee Table Tray

Centrepiece Coffee Table Tray

Centrepiece coffee table tray. How to decorate a coffee table tray? One way is to use an old picture frame and mount it on the wood surface of the coffee table. This can be done by drilling holes in the back of the frame and screwing it into place. Alternatively, you could use a piece of reclaimed wood to create a natural look. If you prefer something more modern, consider using a glass or metal tray as your centerpiece. You can find these items at almost any store that sells furniture. Just be sure to choose one that is the right size for your coffee table and matches your other pieces of furniture in the room.

8. Small Coffee Table Tray

Small Coffee Table Tray

Decorate your coffee table with a tray of your favorite snacks or beverages. You can easily create a stylish look for your home by using simple decor items. For example, you can use a small tray to display candies or cookies. A brightly colored bowl of fruit can also add flavor and visual interest to your coffee table. Be sure to choose trays that are the right size for your coffee table. If you have a large coffee table, consider using a larger tray. If you have a small coffee table, use a smaller tray. You can also choose trays that are shaped like cups or bowls to add an extra dimension of style to your table. See More

9. Black Coffee Table Tray

Black Coffee Table Tray

If you’re looking to spruce up your living space with some new decor, consider adding a black coffee table tray to your collection. Not only is this an easy and affordable way to add personality to your home, but it’s also versatile enough to be used in a variety of different settings.


If you want to decorate your coffee table tray in a simple and stylish way, try using a few inexpensive items and some creativity. A few ideas to get you started include using a vintage tray, adding a pop of color with some fresh flowers, or mixing prints and textures for a more cohesive look. Finally, always make sure to clean your coffee table tray regularly to keep it looking its best!

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