How To Hang Candle Wall Sconces

How To Hang Candle Wall Sconces

Selecting the perfect wall space for hanging candle barrier sconces is essential for achieving the desired ambiance and aesthetic. Begin by assessing the room’s layout and purpose. Consider areas where you want to create a warm, Inviting atmosphere or add a decorative touch. Common spots include hallways, Living rooms, Dining areas, How To Hang Candle Wall Sconces. Ensure the chosen location is easily accessible for lighting and maintenance. Additionally, Take into account the sconce’s design and size, Making sure it complements the barrier and surrounding decor. By carefully choosing the wall space, You can enhance the overall visual appeal and functionality of your candle barrier candelabra in your home.

Collect necessary installation tools and materials

Before hanging candle wall sconces, Gather the essential installation tools and materials. You’ll typically need a measuring tape, Level, pencil, Screwdriver, Barrier anchors or screws, And the candelabra themselves. Additionally, Consider safety gear like safety goggles and a stud finder if you’re attaching the sconces to drywall. Having all the required tools and materials ready before you begin ensures a smooth installation process, Minimizes interruptions, And allows you to work efficiently and safely while achieving the desired look for your candle barrier candelabra in your home decor.

Determine the sconce’s desired height and spacing

To hang candle wall sconces effectively, It’s crucial to determine the desired height and spacing. The ideal height typically ranges between 5 to 6 feet from the floor, But consider the sconce’s purpose and your eye level when seated or standing. Use a measuring tape and pencil to mark the desired height on the barrier. For multiple candelabra, Maintain consistent spacing between them, Usually 8 to 10 inches apart. Ensure the spacing and height align with the room’s layout and aesthetics, Enhancing both the visual appeal and functionality of your candle wall sconces. Careful measurement and planning contribute to an elegant and balanced decor arrangement.

Mark where the sconces will be installed

After determining the desired height and spacing for your candle wall sconces, The next step is to mark precisely where they will be installed on the barrier. Using a pencil or chalk, Create clear markings at the predetermined locations. Ensure the markings are level and evenly spaced if you are installing multiple candelabra. Take into account the sconce’s design and size, Verifying that it aligns with the wall and surrounding decor. Accurate markings serve as a visual guide, Preventing mistakes during the installation process. This meticulous step guarantees that your candle barrier sconces are positioned exactly where you want them, Ensuring a harmonious and appealing arrangement in your home decor.

Drill holes for wall anchors or screws

Once you’ve marked the precise locations for your candle wall sconces, The next step is to drill holes for the barrier anchors or screws. Use a drill with a bit appropriate for your barrier type, Whether it’s drywall, Plaster, Or masonry. Ensure the holes are drilled straight and to the appropriate depth, Which may vary depending on your hardware and wall material. Properly drilled holes provide a stable foundation for mounting the candelabra securely, Preventing them from shifting or coming loose over time. This step is crucial for the safe and stable installation of your candle barrier sconces in your home decor.

Install anchors securely for stability

Installing wall anchors securely is a critical step in ensuring the stability of your candle barrier sconces. After drilling the holes for your anchors or screws, Carefully insert the wall anchors into the holes, Making sure they fit snugly. If you’re using screws, Drive them into the holes until they are firmly seated. Barrier anchors provide the necessary support and weight-bearing capacity for your candelabra, Preventing them from coming loose or falling over time.

To enhance stability, Choose anchors designed for your wall type and sconce weight. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific anchors you’re using. Properly installed anchors guarantee that your candle barrier sconces remain securely affixed to the wall, creating a safe and appealing decor element in your home.

Fix sconce mounting brackets or plates

Once you have securely installed the wall anchors or screws, The next step in hanging candle barrier sconces is to fix the sconce mounting brackets or plates. These components typically come with your candelabra and provide a stable surface for attaching the sconces to the wall.

Align the mounting brackets or plates with the barrier anchors or screws, Ensuring they are level and centered according to your previous markings. Then, Securely fasten the sconce mounting hardware in place using the provided screws or bolts. Tighten them firmly, But be cautious not to overtighten and damage the sconce or the wall. Proper attachment of the mounting hardware ensures that your candle barrier candelabra are sturdily and safely affixed to the wall, Contributing to an elegant and well-illuminated decor.

Carefully hang sconces on the mounting hardware

With the mounting brackets or plates securely fixed, It’s time to carefully hang your candle wall sconces. Align the sconce backplate or hanging mechanism with the installed mounting hardware. Ensure a snug fit, And gently slide or hook the sconce into place. Be cautious and steady to avoid damaging the sconce or the barrier. Double-check that the candelabra are level and straight for a polished appearance. Properly hanging the sconces on the mounting hardware ensures a secure and attractive display, Enhancing the ambiance of your living space.

Add candles and ensure they are secure

After hanging your candle wall sconces securely, The next step is to add candles and ensure they are firmly in place. Select candles that fit the candelabra and match your decor. Insert them into the sconce holders for candle cups, Ensuring they are level and centered.

To enhance safety and stability, Consider using dripless candles or candle holders to catch wax drips. Light the candles carefully, And check for any wobbling or instability. If needed, Adjust the candles or holders to ensure they sit securely in the sconces.

Properly securing the candles not only ensures a balanced and aesthetically pleasing display but also minimizes the risk of accidents or damage, Creating a safe and elegant ambiance in your home decor.

Confirm the sconces are level and secure

Once you’ve added candles to your candle barrier sconces, It’s crucial to confirm that the candelabra are level and securely in place. Use a spirit level to ensure that the sconces are perfectly horizontal or aligned according to your desired aesthetic. Check for any wobbling or instability and, If necessary, Adjust the candelabra for candles to achieve a secure and balanced display. Properly leveled and secured sconces not only enhance the visual appeal of your decor but also ensure the safety and stability of your candle arrangement, Allowing you to enjoy the cozy ambiance with peace of mind.


In conclusion, hanging candle wall sconces can add charm and warmth to any space. Start by selecting the right location and ensuring proper spacing between sconces. Securely attach wall brackets, and follow manufacturer instructions to mount the sconces securely. Be mindful of safety concerns, such as candle placement and fire safety. With careful planning and attention to detail, candle wall sconces can become a beautiful and functional addition to your décor.

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