How to Keep Flies Away from Outdoor Party

How to Keep Flies Away from Outdoor Party

Keep Flies Away from Outdoor Party. Invite all your friends over to celebrate the day with you! But as soon as they start arriving, flies start to come in droves. They just won’t leave you alone! You’ve been trying everything from bug spray to cinnamon but nothing seems to work. And now it’s time for your guests to arrive! Don’t worry – we have some solutions for you. Here are some ways how to keep flies away from outdoor parties.

1. Use Natural Repellents

Use Natural Repellents

You can use natural repellents from your pantry or garden to ward off those pesky flies. For example, you can spray a mixture of vinegar and water in your home. Or brew up some tea with lemon or mint leaves to place near the door or other entryways.

2. Keep Your Party Clean

Keep Your Party Clean

The first thing you should do to keep the flies away is clean up the place. Flies are attracted to dirt, so it’s important for you to make sure that the area is free from any dirt or trash. The best way to do this is by keeping a clean house and yard before your guests arrive.

If you’re having a backyard party, make sure that there are no trash containers nearby and try not to have piles of leaves in sight. You can also invest in an outdoor rug that will make it easier for your guests to walk without getting dirty and will create a barrier between your guests and the ground.

If you’re having a dinner party, keep any food at least 1 foot off of the ground so that flies won’t be able to crawl on top of it and contaminate everything with their droppings.

3. How do you Get rid of Flies?

How do you Get rid of Flies?

Flies are a pesky problem that can ruin your outdoor party. That’s why it’s important to find a way to get rid of them.

According to pest control professionals, one of the best ways to do this is by using bird feeders. Flies love bird droppings and will try to congregate around bird feeders. This will give you an opportunity to kill flies, which are attracted to the smell left behind by the birds. Flies will also be attracted to rotting food and soapy water.

Another method for getting rid of flies is by using fruit peelings and citrus peels as bait in areas where flies are present in large numbers. The flies will be attracted to the odor of the fruit peelings and citrus peels and fly towards them, only to meet their demise when they become trapped in sticky flypaper or other fly-catching devices.

You can also create your own trap by pouring soapy water into a jar lid with holes in it or a coffee mug with holes punched out at the bottom and placing it near an area where flies are abundant or inside near your front door where guests enter. As people enter your house, they disturb the trap and many flies will come out of hiding as well. You can then grab your fly swatter for action!

4. Flies Away from Outdoor Party

Flies Away from Outdoor Party

When it comes to flies, you need to think like a fly.  Flies are drawn to warm, moist areas and they’re sensitive to smells. So, one way you can keep flies away is by not cooking or eating anything inside or around your home. If you cook outside and there are any food leftovers, clean up the mess immediately.

You can also try adding some vinegar or bleach to a bucket of water and spraying it in the air – this will deter flies from coming near your area for at least 30 minutes.

You can also set up bowls of soapy water around your party area that will make the fly feel uncomfortable when they come close to them and make them move on. And finally, add some citronella oil or lavender oil to a diffuser (or potpourri) with water to make your outdoor space smell better while also keeping flies away from your outdoor party!

5. Explore Different Ways to Keep Flies Away from Outdoor Parties

Explore Different Ways to Keep Flies Away from Outdoor Parties

There are many things you can do to keep flies away from your outdoor party. First, make sure you have a good compost pile in the backyard. Flies love moist, dark areas where they can find food. If you don’t have a compost pile, plant some herbs and vegetables that have strong scents. These plants will help mask the scent of any food you’re preparing for your party and help keep the flies at bay. Second, if you are throwing an outdoor party with animal-based dishes or drinks, put out a bowl of vinegar mixed with water. It’s a natural fly repellent.

Thirdly, try planting some flowers around your patio or deck that produces nectar to lure in bees and wasps that eat flies! You might not want them buzzing around your house but these insects will help reduce the number of flies hanging outside by eating them up!

6. Create a Fly-free Party Space

Create a Fly-free Party Space

Some of the methods for how to keep flies away from an outdoor party are time-consuming and some are not. The first step is to create a fly-free space. This way, your guests will be able to have a good time without being bothered by the pesky insects.

1.  Create a fly-free zone:

One of the best ways to keep flies away is by creating a fly-free zone outside your party area. You can do this either by keeping people inside or by using natural repellent substances like mint, cilantro, lavender, lemongrass, chili powder, or camphor in the space you want to keep flies away from.

2.  Host your event indoors:

If you don’t have enough space outdoors, try hosting your party indoors! And if you have any plants inside then make sure they’re far from windows and doors that lead outside so that there won’t be any flies coming inside with your guests.

3.  Use insect traps:

You can also use insect traps around the edge of your event area as well as in any dark corners where flies might even think about going near! If you’re worried about ants getting caught in these traps then try using borax as bait instead.

7. Use the Right Kind of Food for your Party

Use the Right Kind of Food for your Party

If you want to keep the flies away, serve food that flies don’t love. We recommend serving a light meal with plenty of protein and fiber. That way, your guests will eat slower. It keeps them from eating too much and spilling food on the ground which will attract the flies.

Protein and fiber fill people up faster so they won’t be hungry again for a while. And if they are still hungry after your party, they can just pack up their leftovers to go. When flies feed on leftover food or spilled drinks, it creates an even more attractive smell for them!

Besides food, you can also make your outdoor party less fly-friendly by:

  1. Keeping the area clean 
  2. Mosquito coils 
  3. Flies traps 
  4. Covering your dishes in plastic wrap

8. The Ultimate Guide to Keep Flies Away

The Ultimate Guide to Keep Flies Away

So you’re throwing an outdoor party and can’t seem to get rid of the pesky flies? The solution is not as complicated as you might think. Here’s a simple guide on how to keep flies away from your outdoor party:

1. Keep it clean – Flies are attracted to garbage so make sure your outdoor space is tidy. Keeping your garbage can closed, sweeping up crumbs and food particles, and removing any dead bugs will help deter them.

2. Plant citronella plants – Citronella plants are a natural way to keep flies away without having to resort to chemicals. You can plant citronella in pots or garden patches around the area where guests will be congregating or have it planted already at the site of your event. And when it comes time for cleanup, just compost the plant in the soil!

3. Make a homemade fly trap – If you’re looking for an easy DIY solution, try making a fly trap with fruit juice and dish soap in a shallow bowl or jar – just add about 1 inch of liquid and add about 1 tablespoon of dish soap per cup of water. Flies love sweet things like fruit juices, but will be stuck in the liquid thanks to the soap!

4. Fill containers with water – Place these filled containers around your yard or other outdoor space; this will help attract male flies that are looking for mates and could end up staying away from your party area after they find one!

9. DIY Solutions for Outdoor Parties

DIY Solutions for Outdoor Parties

Some simple DIY solutions that you can try are lemon and cloves, lavender, or putting vanilla extract on a cotton ball.

Lemon and cloves: mix 2 tablespoons of water, 1 tablespoon of sugar, and the juice of one lemon. Then stir in 2 whole cloves. Put the mixture in a small bowl and place it near the area where the flies are.

Lavender: Place dried lavender in a jar with some kind of liquid such as water, vinegar or wine then put it near where you’re having your party. The smell will be enough to keep flies away from your outdoor event!

Vanilla extract on the cotton ball: Get a cotton ball or cloth and soak it in vanilla extract then tie it around your neck or hang it somewhere near the party. As long as the smell is strong enough to overpower any other smells nearby, flies will stay away.


The last thing you want is a swarm of flies at your outdoor party. But, it can be challenging to know how to keep flies away from outdoor parties. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to deal with pesky flies.

The first step to keeping flies away is to use natural repellents. This can be done by spraying the area with citronella or lavender oil. Another option is to use a bug zapper or other insect repellent device.

Another way to keep flies away is to clean up immediately and thoroughly after food has been eaten.

Many people use candles to keep the flies away and research has shown that citronella candles are the most effective at repelling the pests, though you may need a few to keep the entire space fly-free.

One way to keep flies away from outdoor parties is by creating a fly-free party space. Keep food and drinks inside, or turn off all the lights outside. You could also create a fly-free party space by closing off all entrances into the space and placing screens on all windows and doors, which will prevent flies from entering.

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